Welcome to nfld.uk!

Hi! Welcome! I'm an amateur Linux system administrator, honing my skills by hosting some services for personal use, which I'm also happy to offer to friends and polite strangers. These include:

Some of these services are simply open; others require an account or token / API key. Please don't hesitate to reach out, in the latter case. Also, I add more services regularly, and am happy to take suggestions as well.

If you've wondered whether you too might like system administration, I'd highly recommend trying it out, for free, on Linux and OpenBSD; as well as joining the tildeverse.

Cool stuff I support, with funds / time

Other neat stuff

Contact info

E94407F8.asc - my PGP key
@jlj@social.nfld.uk - Fediverse
@jlj:nfld.uk - Matrix
jlj at ctrl-c dot club - alt e-mail
My blog

Join #support:nfld.uk for service status, and support.

Homage / Silence

The Mark A. Campbell Bursary will be awarded to UNB Computer Science students from New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, in memory of our friend.

RIP Mark Andrew Campbell
1975 - 2019
RIP Sarah Rosemary Everard
1987 - 2021
Aaron dead.
World wanderers, we have lost a wise elder.
Hackers for right, we are one down.
Parents all, we have lost a child.
Let us weep.

--Sir Tim Berners-Lee

RIP Aaron Swartz
1986 - 2013

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